In this month during chithra powrnami (full moon day), devotees carry around 108 pots of milk to Abhishekam for Moolavar Om Sri Amman and on that evening. Urchavar Bhavani Amman has been grandly decorated taken for Purapadu.


In this month on First Friday pandhakaal and Komaatha poojai grandly celebrated. On account of this, form first Sunday to 14th week, every Sunday morning Jothi Dharshana and Abhishekam for Moolavar Amman, and Urchavar Amman has been done grandly. Every year on 4th week of Aadi Urchavar Amman ounjal sevai very grandly celebrate. 10th week of this Aadi, Sunday Kesadhi Paadham valipadu for Lord Bhavani Amman has done. In this month of Aadi every Friday morning 1008 sagsra Naama Archanai has been done.


In this month on Vinayagar chadhurthi festival, Ganapathi homam with special Pooja and special alanagram has been grandly decorated for purapadu.


In this month special pooja will be done for Urchavar Amman with Kolu decorations. On the day of Vijayadhasami, Special pooja for Moolavar Amman and Urchavar Amman. In this month every Saturday Sandhana Kaapu Alangaram for Srinivasa Perumaal, Thayar, and Parasuram.


Snake in a special anointing puttrukkoyil Chaturthi mark held up.


30 Days in this month maargazhi month special pooja has done. At January on occasion of New Year, morning Ganapathi homam, Navakalasa homam, Murthi homam, jothi dharishanam, Mahalakshmi pooja will under taken. Then Purappadu done for Utchavar Bhavani Amman.


Morning prayer in honor of the month of December tanur nataitirakkappattu Lord Shri Bhavani Amman held a special anointing.

Hanuman Jayanti Hanuman shrine in honor of the special anointing, is held up. Those vataimalai.


In this month, Thai poosam festival has been celebrated. On that day 108 Sangu Abhishekam has been done. In this month every Friday morning 1008 Sagasra Naama     Archanai has grandly done.


Powrnami Urchvam

On every month, day of Powrnami special Abhishekam done for Moolavar Bhavani Amman, then Utchavar Bhavaniamman wooden cart purappadu will be done.