Sri Bhavani Amman

About The Lord Om Sri Bhavani Amman Temple

There are many Sacred Places of pilgrimage in the ever green and afluent Tamil Nadu.Among those innumerable sacred,places, in Periyapalayam,Goddess Bhavani has manifested herself as a great boon to the crores of devotes who worship her.she is popularly known as 'Mother Bhavani of Universe'

Crores of devotees are eager to know the greatness and mightyness of this goddess. Godess Bhavani is the family deity of many devotees.It is impossible even to the thousand hooded Adiseshu to enumerate her miravulous powers.

we are humbly trying to narrate the manifestation of the deity in this locality and her special sports in the form of a website , we hope that this site will be read by one and all and our effort appreciated.

Though the site is small ,it contains elaborately the details of her incarnation,the greatness of her birth on this lan etc., Besides this ,many folk takes current in tiruvellore District of Tamil Nadu about here miracle with epical authority have been included in this site