The Government has provided all transport facilities for the devotees who want to have a Dharshan of that Goddess.


Devi Bhavani has manifested there to wipe off the sins of her devotees. She removes all illusions, gives all powers, brings them to the path of devotion and remaining them of principles and righteousness. she finally gives them salvation. It is enough if one thinks of her and she will be all merciful. It is that Goddess Bhavani who has manifested herself in this place.


Goddess Bhavani removes all difficulties and distresses. On account of her Dharshan, the sins of the previous birth will be wiped off and fruits of the virtuous acts in this birth will be enjoyed.


Bhavani Mata wipes off the sins of devotees who wear Margo leaves round their waist and go round her temple day and night.


Innumerable are those who come with many sufferings and return with smiles.


It is enough if her Abhisheka water is sprinkled on couple. All diseases will be cured by the merciful Bhavani Mata who is another form of Sri Krishna himself.


Bhavani mata cures the diseases with marriage leaves. It is impossible to describe the posture of her divine form. Bhavani Mata wipes off the sins of devotees who were Margo leaves round their waist and go round her temple day and night.


Devotees follow the traditional way of worshiping by rolling the coconut around the temple, They pray for the wealth of there children by offering coins, gold, etc. to the equal weight of there child. Devotees cured form diseases by the dharshan of Amman, they offer Maavilaku prathanai and also offer Kan ooru, kaal ooru in undial.


Devotees do Anga pyrotechnic to fulfill there wishes.


To get the praise for Lord Bhavani Amman, devotees pray by lifting the pot with fire(Thichatti) in there hands and comes around the Temple.


Devotees who not get married for the pray for lord Amman and decorate Karagam with oodukai and silambu and comes around Women who want to get marriage, they walk step by step around the temple and fulfill there prayers and this is known as Padha Pradhachanam.


Devotees shave there head as a sign of prathana, by lending there hairs as Dhakshana.